GFA’s Sannie Daara wants government to employ Ghana Premier League players in Police, Fire Service, and other Police Sectors

GFA’s Sannie Daara wants government to employ Ghana League players into Police, Fire Service, and other Police Sectors

The communications Director of the Ghana Football Association, Ibrahim Sannie Daara has suggested to the Government of Ghana to consider recruiting players of the Ghana Premier League into Police, Fire Service, Immigration and other public services departments.

According to the Deputy General Secretary of the football governing body, this would be one of the best ways in curbing the mass player exodus from the Ghanaian game into other exotic destinations.

The Ghana Premier League has been widely chastised for lacking attractiveness, particularly in the quality of play and players, and this has been largely attributed to the inability of clubs to retain their remarkable performers for longer seasons.

This has generated growing concerns about the increasing spate of player movements from the country’s shores for greener pasture, rendering the league local with half-baked talents.

Many football fans, as well as top football figures, including Black Stars assistant coach Ibrahim Tanko, in bemoaning the practice, have put forth suggestions such as clubs sponsorship and improved player remunerations in helping address the canker.

But Sanni Daara, the former BBC Sports journalist believes otherwise.

In an interview with Kumasi-based Adeyhe FM, he however suggested that, one of the best ways to reverse the mass player exodus, is for government to employ players of various clubs into the public sector.

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This he believes will improve player’s earnings and ensure their stay in the country.

“Stopping players from moving from the league will be a very difficult to do because right now as you work here, you wouldn’t reject an offer from Aljazeera or BBC”,

“What we need to do to ensure our players stay for a longer time is to improve the salaries of our players. The remuneration should be attractive to keep them stay here. If it happens like that, countries like Tanzania, Zambia, Somalia will not come calling our players and even if they call, the players will not be motivated to move”

“Imagine if we pay a Ghana player like $1000, do you think he will wake up and jump to Vietnam?. Ghana is good, but all these as a result of poverty. Now players are moving to Mauritania, and even war-torn Somalia”

“If players stay here and are sure of better conditions that can help them marry, buy a car or even build a house, then they can stay longer”,

“That is why I put forth this idea that if players playing for Kotoko or Hearts or Olympics are also employed by the government into police, fire service or any other sector. Once you get paid from your club, the government also adds up and this will be enough for you”.

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“If you retire from football, then you can be in the police and sit at the barrier and direct traffic and even after retirement from the service, government will pay you and so you won’t be in a hurry to leave”,

“The GFA will try to engage the Ministry of Interior to consider recruiting say ten footballers from Kotoko into Kotoko. After returning from training in the morning, they can dress and go to the Police station”,

“This will not push them into Tanzania or Somalia etc and these are some of the ideas we are putting up”, He added.

In 2015, Daara called on the Parliament of Ghana to pass a law to prevent Ghanaian free-to-air television stations from showing live foreign league matches in the country in order to improve Ghana League audience base.





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  1. Val Thomson

    Your mother is this guy a Ghanaian

  2. Kofi Simpey

    And will that make them professionals? He better find prudent ways of sponsoring the clubs and making the league attractive.

  3. Emmanuel Kojo Appiah

    dat guy has never bn serious n dos FA still keeps him arnd wasting our monies on him n our ears

  4. Nana Yaw Odeneho

    He is not serious at all. People are making billions in football and you are saying they should join the army. This shows that our league is dead and spoilt

  5. Frank Edem Kusime

    He is just not serious. Thought he new better.

  6. Frank Edem Kusime

    I thought he worked at BBC n co? So back at UK was Rooney a fire man?

  7. Emmanuel Kumeh Wolo

    Lol cos clubs don’t pay them well that’s why

  8. Stanza Bilal

    Hahaha.. You can only say this in Ghana.
    That’s their talent so Pay them some good Money and stop this bullshit talk

  9. Bra Kwame

    dx guy de3 adey shoq hw e gt chance go stay 4 da UK der chai

  10. iam nana viperxz

    is Saani talking about after retirement or what?

  11. Samuel 🇬🇭

    Is he serious? They should focus on enhancing the league so they are paid better

  12. Benny Jnr

    That Saanie guy is a big JOKE

  13. Mohammed Tahiru Ibra

    So we will depend on the pay there to play soccer ryt?

  14. Hopeson Elly

    As for u Sanni you never say anything relevant*Are u serious at all*Oh no no no there is a big problem

  15. Mohammed Tahiru Ibra

    You people take sponsorship money the chop n want govt to employ players, dankanoma na daamu nka

  16. Derick Offei Lawerh

    Eiiii awurade nyankopong did bye is he serious in life ,Even KWEKU paama kuraa dey do communication job than him.

  17. Owusu-kontor Henry Socca

    Aaaaah,is saani’s bedroom near a public toilet cos he speaks sh*t.Is he the one hu was working at BBC?

  18. Ben Believe

    This man talk rubbish
    WTF is he saying

  19. Sagacious Themessiah Nurudeen

    Stupid comments, this man doesn’t deserve his position.

  20. James Bernardo Teye

    So when will this guy’s be serious in life for once. He just say anything which comes from his mouth after eating. He will not rather go and tell his fa to be transparent so the can win the heart of corporate bodies to come sponsor our league.

  21. im kurtiz

    😂😂i think I now knw why rich pple Ghana are running from ⚽.The GFA luck ideas to run our football. Their ideas are dapth

  22. Adjei Donkor

    And Mugabe will keep chopping the sponsorship monies and taking fat winning bonuses? Me schwaaaaaaar s3 parachute! Siaaaaaaaaaman

  23. Hakeem Bin Ameen

    Saani daara y3 kwasia piiii… Full stop

  24. Kwabena Amoah

    I Dont know why but that dude just dey bore me. Just the sound of his name gets me angry.

  25. Emmanuel KophiBodey Santana

    Ahhhhh…… herh this man paaaa…. I shock give you paaaaaaa……. u have lost it…..

  26. Nana Prempeh

    I don’t know why Nyantakyi appointed an illiterate because I’ve never heard of this man speaking sensible words to Ghanaians who loves Football

  27. Asiedu KAKA

    ignorant people, have dey see La Liga or EPL player in police or other work apart frm de football,hw can dis b possible ooo Gh

  28. Alberta Mprengo Adusei

    But they can also use the co-efficient money they have been sharing to establish factories and employ these players.

  29. Bullet Gh Mathiax Agboz

    Kk ur time well come u are going to meet Sulley

  30. Eric Aikins

    Look at the kind of ppl who lead our football concert nkoaaa aaaaah I don’t believe dis guy work at BBC be4 eeeiii Ghana football we have a long way to go

  31. Don Skelly


  32. Gabriel Mensah

    i always say that this guy is a joke ….. !!!!

  33. Richard Asara

    Instead of encouraging them to become entrepreneurs just look this old way of thinking

  34. Kobby Antwi Datus

    Are they more Ghanaians than the rest of the youth. Masa ur FA shd find lucrative sponsor for the league so the teams can pay the players well

  35. Al-jnr Depay

    Mr vice president come again

  36. MaNoh Nbene

    I dedicate Shatta Wale’s DEM CONFUSE to him….

  37. Asiedu-Asante Kwame

    He should tell his corrupt boss to stop chopping football money nyafu, nyafu, and give it to the players

  38. Sabi Richard

    When will change go to the FA?

  39. Nana Oteng

    U want to chop our money again

  40. WengerOut

    Why is dis guy such a fool?? Does he really think???

  41. Al Hassan Auwal

    Sanni always say foolish things

  42. Abrantie Pujols Nana Kwame

    Ah akos wei koraa wossop.was wrong with saani

  43. Paa Kwesi

    Lazy football people….
    Instead of you people to be transparent in you dealings to make football in Ghana attractive for corporate bodies to invest in the game…listen what you are saying….

    Wei ɛbɔn anaa sɛ,akwadworɔ???

  44. samuel nti

    Why are they not professionals?

  45. Nathaniel Tetteh

    Stupid thought comma….. Instead of you making fix payment infact let the players enjoy some big money .just look at the stupid thing that you vomit from your anuls

  46. Wutaan Benedict

    Saani is a licensed irritant, rubbish

  47. Wutaan Benedict

    How at all did this guy get to work at BBC

  48. Wutaan Benedict

    He is just a licensed irritant

  49. Solomon Ansah

    Hahah may be this man don’t know proffertional footballs are making money then gaverment works if he doesn’t know

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