Saani Dara

GFA spokes person Sannie Daara was a serial caller?

Veteran journalist, Ekow Asmah, has told Happy FM, an Accra based radio that he trained Ghana Football Association (GFA) Communications director Sannie Dara to become a journalist when he frequently used to be a serial caller.

In an interview with Happy FM, Ekow Asmah said, “Sannie Daara was a serial caller, but I gave him the opportunity in journalism at the time I was with radio gold. I trained him from a serial caller to a BBC trained journalist”.

“At the moment he has done what I couldn’t do, rising from being a journalist to a football administrator,”

Prior to securing his dream job at BBC, Saanie Dara worked with Radio Gold and Choice FM.

However, Daara switched his role from being a global Journalist to become the Communications director of the Ghana Football Association under GFA President, Kwesi Nyantakyi.


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  1. Abdulaziz Musah

    what is wrong with he starting as a serial caller and getting to where he is now?Obama stop the hating u hav a lot to learn from him.u just started and have not gotten anywhere

  2. Tabi Emmanuel

    Obama don’t have anything to learn from him masa and what are those #a lot #

  3. Malik Memphis

    My question is. Did he worked at the BBC for being a serial caller ? Obama you have disgraced your self. What type of mischievous report is this. Your hart is full of hate.

  4. Malik Memphis

    If its that easy to get this high just by being a serial caller. What is stopping you guys from being serial callers. Go and start calling maybe the next GFA will give you a job.

  5. Ilyas Ahmed Bilal

    Guys why r u picking up on Obama.its in Sannie’s boss Nyantakyi reference to ppl talking like serial callers which makes it seem serial callers don’t know what they are about. So if his boss refer to ppl as serial callers what makes of his subordinate?

  6. Ilyas Ahmed Bilal

    Moreover Obama didn’t say it. It was said by good old Ekow Asmah so let Obama be

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