Go to Police if you think GFA is corrupt- Asiamah tells Nii Lante

Ghana Sports Minister Isaac Asiamah has fiercely responded to claims by his predecessor Nii Lante Vanderpuye’s assertion that the Ghana Football Association is embroiled with corruption.

 According to the incumbent, running to the media to constantly berate the association is not the solution but rather to report them to the police for investigations.

Nii Lante who served under the NDC government has never hidden his determination to drag the name of the Ghana Football Association into the mire.

“What measures did Nii Lantey take when people attempted to bribe him as he claims? “As far am concerned You dare not attempt to bribe me” I have been an MP for 12 years and a Public Accounts Committee Member 8 year, so everybody knows my worth,” Asiamah told Kasapa FM.

“I will not end my term as Sports Minister before I go on air to accuse anybody of bribing me. What he is alleging is a criminal offence and he should have taken action when he was in power.”

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“As a minister, I have work to do and that is what I’m committed to help the nation Ghana. The job is not all about lamentation like how somebody made it seem in the past. I do not engage the media that much because there is work to be done and that is where my focus is”

It would be recalled that Nii Lantey Vanderpuye was at logger heads with the Ghana Football Association during his time at the Minister for Youth and Sports.

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  1. Elisha Addotey

    This man is as corrupt as the GFA.

  2. Nana Kwaku Owusu-Ansah

    This man who just got position for about 9 months now is sleeping with the GFA,his days are numbered…

  3. King Bongo

    The worst sports minister ever.

  4. John Bosco Kamantule Agbemedu

    Only talking no action, lacal black stars couldn’t even qualified

  5. Boateng Kwabena

    It’s now the minister but not the GFA PRESIDENT don’t bare false witness

  6. Richard Kyere

    This minister will be the worst of all, he started defending the GFA after the two black star friendly matches between Mexico and USA. Hmm, Gh 4 U.

  7. Nana Adams

    Mensah Ayartey come n see ur minister🤪

  8. Alfred McBenedict Schllegel

    Most Useless minister ever in the history of this country

  9. Quaye Jonathan

    I saw des cmi lng tym. Des minister will nt help .he will be de first to be reshuffled.

  10. Addo Achison

    Mr Asiamah am disappointed in u.

  11. Marshal Asanteebenezer

    But you should talk to Nii Lantey to desist from his loose comments sometimes.

  12. Kobby Antwi Datus

    From the look of things dis minister will be worst in the history of sports ministry.

  13. Abu Sumaila

    Mr Asiamah seems to have taken his “share”,hence solidly behind the corrupt Nyantakyi-led GFA.

  14. Ko-jo Whisper Boadu

    Asiamah one of the most useless ministers

  15. Nana Kwadwo Antwi

    Foolish and stupidity . hu doesn’t knws de GFA is corrupt. This man Akuffo Addo has made a wrng choice. He dnt deserve de position he iz .

  16. Michael Bonny Addae Konadu

    Is he defensive mechanism for Nyantakyi now !? Eii ,Ama Ghana

  17. Matthew Ack

    I promise on my honor
    to be faithful and loyal to Ghana my motherland.
    I pledge myself to the service of Ghana
    with all my strength and with all my heart.
    I promise to hold in high esteem our heritage,
    won for us through the blood and toil of our fathers;
    and I pledge myself in all things
    to uphold and defend the good name of Ghana.
    So help me God

  18. Osei Tutu Nana

    The worst and corrupt son of Tano Dumasi minister Ghana has had,

  19. Richie Len Jnr

    I new it from the first day I heard that this man has been elected. Kwasi Nyantakyi’s classmate and what do you think is gonna happen #corruption nkoaa

  20. Don Skelly

    Another STUPID TALK from the so call Minister,STUPID man cause you dey CHOP CHOP the money with them .Your cup will be full very soon .

  21. Isaac Quophi Ampomah

    Eiiii he should take his time oo

  22. Yaw Ben

    This Asiama guy….hmmm

  23. Yaya Adams Champion Phobia

    Ah! Asiamah nsoso de3333!! Asiamah will very soon called Nyantakyi Daddy

  24. Nana Poku Mourihno

    This minister is doing politics ooo in football cos Nii lantey is ndc that’s why he is saying this stupid talks.Npp hmm they are in Emirates Airbus 380 to back in the opposition in 2020.

  25. owusu asare

    no comment but God willingly 2020 is just at the corner

  26. Seidu Baah

    This man x de most useless n empty headed sports minister Ghana has ever had. Corrupt FA executives !

  27. Stephen Kwabena Donkor

    is true, nii lantey is very stupid man

  28. TheHonourable George

    This my minister deee33
    I never wished Nana Addo Appoint him.
    He seems to disgrace us always

  29. Nhyiraba Bruce Nana Yaw

    Reshuffle this man waai Nana.
    He’s bringing ur party down

  30. CeeJay BaBa Yahya

    Hmmm, birds of the same feathers………. I rest my case.

  31. Korankye Kwabena Emmanuel

    This Asiamah guy is a disgrace to N.P.P ah nkwasia aseam kwa.

  32. Maabier Beyuo

    Oh God why me.have I chosen a wrong perfection?

  33. Sky Bee

    Masa u for look sharp wati, even an unborn baby knew that GFA is full of corruption avenue in this universe.

  34. Gyekye Emmanuel Luther

    Hon. Minister assist Nii Lante to go to police because…

  35. John Innocent Silva Lawer

    shameful, even government officials sees nothing wrong with what is happening with respect to football in this country.
    I think it’s about time we the people stand up, lets start to boycout all games.

  36. Micheal K Asare

    My question is Wat di nii lante do when he was a minister (hypocrisy)

  37. Nene Papa Korda

    If GFA is a woman I swear her k)t) would be very sweet paaaaaaa

  38. Nana Poku

    Eiiiiiii Asiamah is that what you’re saying

  39. Babs

    This man too paa he’s always making noise in our ears

  40. Abdallah Wumpini

    He’s bound to fail miserably.

  41. Kwadwo Gyamfi

    Asiamah should be careful about his speech l can assure u he can become the worst minister who come to Ghana

  42. Enoch Owusu Aduomi

    Eish Minister paaaa de3 no comment again

  43. Abugri Issifu

    Das d issue concern d sports minister? then he should go n settle them for us

  44. Evans Prempeh

    Asiama is telling us we have no eyes and ears or he condones it.

  45. Isaac Agyekum Sarpong

    Dis so call minister na something bi paaa ooohh

  46. Joseph Brains Ankomah

    Eiiii minister bear in mind that no condition is permanent

  47. Oly TwumasiGalaxy

    sports ministers.I don’t know what comes into them when they occupy that position

  48. Appiah Kojo Owusu

    U are in power now so talk rubbish, nonsense

  49. Solomon Nkrumah Osei

    Thumbs up Honourable Asiamah. If u have evidence of corruption at de FA why don’t u go to court with it rather than making unnecessary noise in de air .Nii Lante always behaving like my small boy in class 3 .apuuuu Nii Lante too be MP?

  50. Isaac Padmond Menyah

    If all ministers are like hon nii lantey corruption will no more in this country.. We luv him for what he is doing.. Very hard to say de truth. Hon Asiamah needs advice..

  51. Kwaku Ofori Kwakye

    This minister will be worst sports minister we’ve ever had. No we didn’t qualified to the afcon, next is the snr black stars.

  52. Anane-Ampomah Emmanuel

    I don’t support corruption, never will l.
    My question is for more than 10yrs now ppl always say there is corruption at the GFA but nobody has been able to prove that at court, always mouth saying

  53. Anane-Ampomah Emmanuel

    Nii has been a sports minister before what did he do about that

  54. Joshua Addo

    Take your time honorable minister

  55. Ekow Ghansah

    Did he say dat?? Really disappointed in Asiamah. One of de biggest problem I’ve with election in dis country is dat, Ghanaians will Vote 4 a nice gentleman like Nana Addo but he will appoint such “characters” to tell us sh*t

  56. Hopeson Elly

    Am not surprise he is talking and acting this way*Why have u forgotten the party he is coming from *When it is your turn hope u will not cry

  57. Fredrick Boakye

    Eii Kwasi’s boy Asiamah the incompetent minister. Apuuuuu

  58. Mohammed Rabiu

    Its not his fault..,its the fault of those who voted them into power.

  59. Yaw Nimo

    Did he go to court when they r saying NDC is corrupt,childish

  60. Val Thomson

    This man is going to be the worse minister

  61. Val Thomson


  62. Nicholas Nartey

    U are the most useless minister i have ever seen in Ghana

  63. Da Costa Marfo

    Hmmmm!!!! When it is coming it is doing,
    How can a whole minister degrade yourself to this level

  64. Emmanuel Owusu Blackcus

    Kai I pity this minister brutaaaa

  65. Kwabena Ideas

    Ei! Asiamah stop eating with your two hands ooo

  66. Kwabena Ideas

    Your horna ! Na this thin too be hornarable?

  67. Mat Vincent

    Criminal and empty headed minister

  68. Opoku Andrews

    You call ur self a minister my footy

  69. Jahson Lumumba Khakhah

    I recalled afriyie praising the gfa a yr later he was crying in front of the commission. Hope your not following the same step

  70. John Baptist

    Oh minster! I think you should come back!

  71. Ortis Owusu

    I’m praying that Nana Addo will change u. Because u don’t know your job

  72. Asiedu-Asante Kwame

    Are you the only stranger in Jerusalem?Mr Minister, may 🐝 you also in bed with the no 1corrupt,greedy and personality in Ghana.

  73. Sky Joe

    A fool person i ve ever seen

  74. Isaac Yeboah

    I stand to be corrected . is the duty of the police to arrested corrupt officials ? Somebody help me

  75. Samuel Arthur

    this minister demostrated to most f us after his appointment that,he is in bed with Nyantakyi so wat do u expect?

  76. Quaku Sarfo

    This guy will do worse than Afriyie Ankrah & Ayariga. Such puerile talk.

  77. Lordy Oheneba Aheampong

    So u too u eat Nyantakyi’s food.ryt.u put Ur hands in his food.

  78. Aneeq Nana Owusu

    So all those here insulting the minister,if you grant interview that someone is corrupt is it appropriate,the best thing for you to do is to go to the police,make a statement and provide evidence.We’re here in Ghana and people are begging the GFA because they don’t have any evidence against them.So the minister too must join in saying the GFA is corrupt without any evidence,we should grow as Ghanaians and stop behaving as kids who doesn’t know their left from right.Anybody with solid evidence can report to the police or better still go to court because the GFA people are not super human.What was Nii Lantey’s crime when he was arrested sometime ago.A pot calling kettle black.

  79. Kofi Wusu

    Gyimii #kasa paa niii ahhh

  80. Okolowanta Kofi Odoom

    I’m fully NPP but this minister he will disgrace our party like what Afriyie Ankrah did in NDC..

  81. Okolowanta Kofi Odoom

    I’m fully NPP but this minister he will disgrace our party like what Afriyie Ankrah did in NDC..

  82. Wisdom Gambo Komla

    Did he hear what reverend Osei kofi said?

  83. Obed Kofi Lipool

    This minister talks too much but has done nothing on paper since his appointment. I’m not surprised he always defend those corrupt people at the FA bcos he himself is incompetent as a sports minister….

  84. Aminu Arimiyaw

    If I see this minister any were repting this caind of word I well get him arrested.bcs is mad

  85. Nana Quame Gideon

    U see the defference between him and Nii lamptey and this will fight nii on the floor of parliament tweaaaa chop chop noaaaa

  86. Hussein Osumanu

    This minister hv already been gjven his shear of the corrupt gfa.the most corrupt institution jn gh is the football association.nii was the same minister who started exposing them n now u this substandard minister is talking trash.

  87. Livinstone Mornah

    Is hon Asia mahogany noel GFA spokesman? , honorable be careful ooh, you go cry more than afriyie ancrah wate.

  88. Asoreba Gustav

    This minister is seriously tipped

  89. Emmanuel Nii Kwatei Quartey

    Pls someone should tell this stupid minister to shut up if not he will be the first minister to be sack.

  90. Benjamin Ofori-Kwakye

    He will definitely fall into their trap, he will even do worse than Afriyie Ankrah

  91. Daniel Afranie

    Ahhh this minister paaaaaaa …. Ahhhhh… Your time will come, so u can sleep with the FA on one bed..

  92. Prosper Sogah

    Another idiot,no wonder,birds of the same features…….

  93. Emmanuel Kojo Quansah

    Your time will come p33333333….

  94. Richard Mensah

    Hw can he say dat. Asiama shd b very careful else he will suffer more dan Nii

  95. Iwan Sterling

    why is asiamah defending the GFA?

  96. Eric Adomako Danso

    Has he also started chopping with them, eii Ghana.

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